Until the law changes to allow the legal sale of cannabis-infused edibles, a Canadian company marketing a do-it-yourself marijuana gummies kit says making them at home is safer than purchasing them on the black market.

“Zen Zingers,” developed by Victoria-based Paracanna Foods, lets users customize cannabis edibles by determining the strength and dosage for themselves. The kits, which cost $19.99, come with everything needed to make the candies—besides the marijuana. Users are encouraged to purchase cannabis oil from a legal source in order to design their custom edibles.

“The instruction manual allows you to figure out what dose you want to make your candies, so you can make them as strong or as weak as you want,” business developer Russell Yoachim told CTV News.

Edible products are a popular alternative for those who want to avoid smoking marijuana, or use cannabis for pain management. However, Canadians are not yet able to legally purchase cannabis-infused foodor drinks.

The legal parameters outlining the sale of edibles will be released by the government no later than Oct. 17, 2019—and experts say there will be many hoops to jump through before these products can grace store shelves.

Paracanna alleges this puts consumers in a tough spot, as many turnto the black market to obtain unsanctioned ediblesthat could put their health at risk.

“When it comes to black market edibles, there is no way to know that they were made in a safe, sanitary kitchen. This doesn’t just imply that a bacterial situation could exist within the final product, but cross-contamination from other drugs is also a possibility,” reads Paracanna’s website.

The company also notes that dosing can be an issue with illegally purchased products.

“Dosing is never going to be 100 per cent as our bodies react differently to cannabinoids, and what we ate or drank can influence how it affects us. But the weird way in which cannabis edible ‘portions’ have evolved on the black market makes it easy to screw up.”

DIY kits like Zen Zingers skirt the current sales regulations by allowing consumers to add their own cannabis.

Owner Andrea Butterworth said the candy kits are already on the shelves at 200 stores across Canada, but big box stores haven’t been an easy sell.

“I think some of the larger chains are more concerned about some of those people that may not be supporting this legalization,” Butterworth said.

Though the candies come in a variety of flavours—including grapefruit, raspberry, mango and cherry—the company is taking steps to ensure they are not appealing to children.

“We’re trying to stay away from anything that will send a positive message like a happy face,” Yoachim explained.

Zen Zingers kits can be ordered online.