How would you feel about replacing your house with a personalized cube?

"Cubitat", a 10-metre-cubed prefabricated structure, offers just that. The concept, the result of a collaboration between Toronto-based Urban Capital and Nichetto Studios, is being billed as "the future of progressive housing" after going on show at the Interior Design Show 2015.

The cube contains the core elements of a standard home, including a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and lounge, all in one transportable cube. Customers can add furniture items and fittings to tailor each model to their own tastes.

Inspired by both the prefab world and modern production methods, the custom-assembled architectural solution has been designed to be a "transferable home". It comprises a central frame which forms four walls containing pull-down furniture for each of the spaces.

"Cubitat is architecture on a whole new level, as product," says Urban Capital co-founder Mark Reeve. "We're rethinking the built world with the most adaptable home imagined."

So will the concept become a commercial reality? Watch this (cubed) space.