Yes, 2017 is almost over, but the internet has decided that there is still time for one last bizarre eyebrow trend before the New Year. Enter: Christmas Tree Brows.

The quirky concept is catching on amongst the online beauty community, with several makeup artists and bloggers showcasing their spin on the festive look on Twitter and Instagram.

The trend appears to have been kickstarted by YouTube lifestyle vlogger TayTay, who recently uploaded a tutorial to her channel detailing how to get the look. The video and associated social media posts have received over 127,000 views and thousands of likes, setting the wheels in motion for the holiday-themed trend to go viral, with makeup artists @upyoumakeup and @cakedbycass amongst those sharing their own versions of the look.

While they look elaborate, Christmas Tree Brows are actually fairly simple to recreate, as demonstrated by TayTay's tutorial. Having brushed her brows into a tree shape using eyebrow gel, she then applies hair wax to set the hairs in place and using concealer to create the illusion of a tree ‘tip'.

Using tinted eyebrow gel, she draws on a tree stump at the outer corner of her brows, and glues gemstones in various festive colors along the brows to represent baubles. A gold star at the inner corner completes the effect.

Christmas tree brows are the latest of several unorthodox eyebrow trends to have come and gone over the course of this year, following on from "brow crowns," "squiggle brows," and "braided brows."