Move over, Bird Box challenge, there’s a new more wholesome meme that’s going viral which could make you miss your great grandparents.

Originating in China, the wholesome “four generations challenge” meme (or “four generations under one roof”) involves a child filing into a room, followed by a parent, then a grandparent and, finally, a great-grandparent.

The trending videos often start with the appearance of a young child who introduces one of their parents into the room. When that parent shows up, they call in their own parent, who in turn, calls in their elderly parent.

The meme, which was already trending in China, began making waves in the West, after it was noticed on Friday by Twitter user and Buzzfeed reporter Kassy Cho, who posted a video of one Asian family taking part in the challenge.

“This Chinese four generations meme is so wholesome omg,” she tweeted.

The original videos appear to have been shared on the video app Douyin -- the Chinese version of TikTok -- a media app for creating and sharing short videos.

Since going viral, videos have been shared in such places as India, the Philippines and the United States, each involving families from varying cultures.

It’s hard not to smile watching all of the parents each walk into the room with noticeable joy on their faces.

That sentiment was shared by plenty of people online, some of whom said watching the different generations of families made them miss their own great-grandparents.