TORONTO -- Canada’s newest fashion icon is nine years old, wears a XXXXXS, and is just as comfortable on the catwalk as she is in the dog park.

Tika the Italian Greyhound — or Tika the Iggy, as she’s known to her 782,000 Instagram followers — shot to social media stardom over the holidays for a video of all the outfits she wanted to wear in 2020 but couldn’t thanks to the pandemic.

“Loved it, couldn’t wear it,” says a voiceover for Tika as she tries on one outfit after the next, including a cow-print turtleneck, a striped yellow tracksuit and a collared floral ensemble.

Tika’s dads have been dressing up the diminutive dog for years and showcasing her get-ups on social media. Owner Thomas Shapiro told CTV News he thinks the "loved it, couldn't wear it" video grabbed so much attention because it was both funny and relatable.

“I think the reason why it went so viral was a) because a lot of people weren't able to wear the outfits they maybe wanted to this year — we’re all stuck at home. But then I also think a bit because of how interesting and unique she looks,” he said.

A little attention from celebrities didn’t hurt, either. Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara posted her own version of “loved it, couldn’t wear it.” Singer Lizzo posted a photo of her in a bikini inspired by one of Tika’s looks and referred to the dog as “an actual bad bitch.”

On Tuesday, the Canadian canine made her Vogue debut in an online article in which she showed off a frilly pink outfit while her dads dished on some of their favourite designers for Tika.

Tika’s daring fashion sense and campy persona has earned her a reputation as a gay icon — at least, that’s what her dads have dubbed her.

“It kind of started lightheartedly because she has two dads, so we kind of wanted us to be visible for younger people in the community,” Shapiro said.

And while Tika has a closet dedicated to more than 200 outfits, some of which have been custom-made for her petite frame, she does seem to have one furry favourite — faux fur, of course.

“It’s pink, yellow and green. It’s just very fluffy and extra. It’s a show-stopper,” Shapiro said.