Two years ago, a Calgary restauranteur and an Alberta rancher teamed up to buy an $80,000 Black Angus bull. Now beef from the bull’s progeny is hitting the menu, and it’s being billed as the best steak in Canada.

Fourth-generation rancher Michael Munton says that ultrasounds showed the 2,000-pound (900-kilogram) bull had marbling as perfect as he’s ever seen. The marbling -- also known as fat -- is what gives beef its flavour.

The bull lives at Munton’s 10,000-acre Benchmark Angus Ranch near Warner, Alta., where he ranges free and grazes on natives grasses.

“He's kind of got the world by the tail,” Munton said. “He has his group of heifers with him on grass. Life's pretty good.”

Stephen Deere, who is putting the steak on his menu at Modern Steak in Calgary, says the investment with Munton has been worth it.

“To create championship beef, you need a championship-style bull,” Deere said.

“Hands down this is the best Alberta beef possible because not only do we have the best bull, we have the best genetics, we also have the best barley, the best grass, and the best water on the ranch,” he added.

The bull will enjoy the high life for several more summers, and eventually one of his children will follow in his hoof-steps.

With a report from CTV’s Alberta Bureau Chief Janet Dirks