A planned corgi beach day in Vancouver proved to be a resounding success, despite concerns the event might have gotten too big.

More than 150 corgis attended the “Vancouver Corgi Beach Day and Race,” according to the event’s Facebook page. A costume contest included corgis dressed as sushi, Star Wars characters and race horses, to name a few.

“People just love them,” Cindi Lunn, one of the event’s organizers, told CTV Vancouver on Saturday. “They bark at you and give you love and they’re cute and they’re stumpy. I think people can just kind of relate to them being a little bit different.”

Leading up to the event, concerns had been raised that it had gotten too popular and didn’t have the proper permits. On July 5, organizers asked anyone without a corgi -- or without plans to own a corgi -- to refrain from attending the event.

“Last year we had about 50 people, and today I think there’s like, maybe 1,000 people here,” said Lunn. “It’s really exceeded our expectations.”

Regardless, the event went on as planned and organizers are working on a bigger event next year.

With files from CTV Vancouver