Some days are just bad days. Like when you accidentally swallow a toy horn and then can only make hilarious squawking noises when you take deep breaths.

That’s what happened to an eight-year-old boy from San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina, whose doctor recently uploaded a video of what the boy sounded like with the horn lodged in his throat.

It’s close to impossible to watch the clip without laughing – even if the boy himself looks like he’s no longer amused by his situation.

Dr. Santiago Gomez Zuviria uploaded the video to Facebook last week with the caption “Moral: Beware of what children play with.” It’s earned more than nine million views since.

Zuviria said he was able to successfully remove the horn from the boy’s throat. He later posted on Facebook that while some have shared the video in amalicious way, his sole intention of uploading the video was to raise awareness about toy safety.