TORONTO -- A man in Alberta used some of the heavy machinery from his day job to create a massive snowman he’s affectionately named “Frosty.”

Rob Sarvas of Warburg, Alta., primarily used an excavator to create the seven-metre snowman.

“He can scrape up just about an acre of snow out of our yard,” Rob’s wife Janet told CTV News Channel on Tuesday. “He constructed a form -- a girdle if you will -- and put the snow in and took it off (and) built the next section.”

Construction of the giant snowman took four days and ended on Christmas Day, Janet added.

The snowman is complete with a staircase, a small toboggan hill and a lookout point from the hat. The face and pipe are made from cardboard, while the hat is made from chicken wire and tarp.

“We do not believe it is a magic hat with any types of powers, but that remains to be seen,” Janet joked.

This isn’t the first time Rob’s created a giant snowman, either. In 2013, he built one that measured 5.5 metres.

While Rob has outdone himself this time, Janet insists he’s not pursuing any world records.

“It’s just for fun, just to bring some cheer to this world,” Janet said.