Airport workers in Virginia went above and beyond to ensure a little girl’s lost stuffed animal received first-class treatment before it was reunited with her.

Kelly Weimer Bridges posted on Facebook that her daughter Gussie lost her beloved stuffed animal named “Cookie Dough” at the Norfolk International Airport earlier this month. She wrote that she alerted airport staff about the missing toy and they called her later to let her know they found it.

When Bridges and her daughter arrived at the airport to pick up Cookie Dough, they were greeted with an unexpected surprise. Staff presented Gussie with a homemade book filled with photos and captions detailing the stuffed animal’s adventures at the airport during their time apart.

“They gave her this book and I about cried,” Bridges wrote on July 6. “Norfolk International Airport you all are awesome.”

The adorable book included photos of the stuffed animal riding around in emergency vehicles, playing dress up in a tiny firefighter’s outfit, hanging out on top of the arrivals board, riding down an escalator handrail, and sitting behind the wheel of a baggage vehicle.

Guys...Gussie lost her “cookie dough” favorite stuffed animal at the airport last week. I called the airport to let them...

Posted by Kelly Weimer Bridges on Friday, July 6, 2018