TORONTO -- Passengers flying home on special AirAsia recovery flights may notice a new look for the airline’s cabin crew who will be decked out in designer one-piece suits with matching personal protective equipment (PPE) to guard against the novel coronavirus.

The new uniforms were designed by L.A.-based Filipino designer Puey Quinones who posted several photos of his work on his official Instagram account.

“AirAsia launches PPEs to protect its cabin crews,” he wrote in the caption. “Designed by me.”

In the photos, flight attendants can be seen posing in the outfits, which are the airline’s signature bright red and white. The uniforms are also complete with matching medical face masks, plastic visors, and disposable gloves.

Sheila Romero, the vice-chair of AirAsia Philippines, was quoted by multiple local news outlets describing the new uniforms as comfortable for cabin crew because they’re not so thick and heavy, but still protective.

“I like that it’s chic and sporty - similar to what Formula One race car drivers wear. This fusion of fashion and safety will define the new standards of flying today,” she said in the statement.

In an emailed statement to on Wednesday, airline spokesperson Malik Ridhwan Zaihan said AirAsia Philippines initiated a trial run of the customized PPE uniform during a recent recovery flight. He said a further assessment of the design is underway.

On Tuesday, AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes shared a statement on his Instagram account explaining that the new uniforms will only be used on rescue flights and not the airline’s regular flights. He said the airline has introduced a “huge protocol” with safety measures for those flights.

AirAsia flights are set to resume in Malaysia on Wednesday, followed by their operations in Thailand, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines later in May.