From filing taxes to acing a job interview, an Ontario high school student has set out to teach his peers important life skills they don’t learn in a classroom.

Austin Chan developed an online curriculum called “What You Didn’t Learn in School” (WYDLIS). It covers a broad range of topics to help students become successful adults after polling his fellow classmates about what they felt they were missing in their education in an online survey.

The Grade 10 student at Markville High School included the results of his poll into five different subjects: professional development, self-growth, lifestyle, money, and social skills.

Chan was able to create the course after he became one of six high school students who won a grant from the Make Your Pitch competition presented by Ontario Centres of Excellence and the Government of Ontario for young entrepreneurs. He won a $740 education voucher and entry into a summer program that helps students develop their business idea.

The 16-year-old told CTV’s Your Morning that his course will be taught by different business professionals, other contacts in his network and himself. He said he’s currently working on creating the website where the courses will be offered in video format.

The young entrepreneur said he has already received a lot of positive feedback on his idea from students, parents, and teachers.

“It’s like something spectacular already what I’m doing because I’m only 16 and it’s something kind of cool,” he said.

Chan said he plans to charge $97 for each section of the course and hopes to have the business up and running in August.