As the crowds cheered and with a big grin on her face, a 103-year-old great-grandmother set a new track record at the U.S. National Senior Games in New Mexico.

Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins crossed the finish line of the 50-metre dash with a time of 21.06 seconds on Monday, beating her previous world record in the 100-plus age division.

In a video of the race shared on Twitter, Hawkins can be seen steadily running alongside her fellow seniors, many of them younger than her, before she finishes the run to earn a gold medal in her division.

If that wasn’t enough, the determined senior from Louisiana embarked on another record attempt in the 100-metre dash the following day.

Although she didn’t beat her own world record from two years ago in that event, Hawkins still won gold in the 100-plus age division with a respectable time of 46.07 seconds.

Hawkins also became the oldest woman to ever compete on an American track.