TORONTO -- A 100-year-old bookshop in Petersfield, England, was flooded with orders after a tweet lamenting a day without a single customer was championed on social media by users – including author Neil Gaiman.

The independent Petersfield Bookshop posted about their “tumbleweed” day where “not a single book was sold” on Jan. 14 on their official Twitter account, saying that it was a first for the historic shop.

Other Twitter users came to the rescue, sending messages of support, sharing the tweet with their followers and placing online orders from all over the world to help out the independent book shop.

“I’m adding you to my map of bookstores to visit on an upcoming ramble around the UK,” one user responded.

Celebrated author Neil Gaiman also exposed his 2.8 million Twitter followers to the cause, retweeting the shop’s plea and giving the Petersfield an extra “bump.”

“Can we just say thank you to @neilhimself,” the shop tweeted Wednesday, with a photo of the book orders that poured in overnight after Gaiman’s involvement. “People are kind and that’s something to never forget.”

The shop tweeted that they have been “completely overwhelmed in a good way,” by the response and thanked the online community for their assistance.

The Petersfield bookshop was first opened in 1918, and is a Royal Warrant holder for picture framing and supplying art materials, according to their website.