Those planning on visiting the Liberals new website could be in for a rather unwelcome surprise if they don't pay close attention to the domain name -- it ends with .ca and not .com.

Canada's official opposition launched a website,, on Monday to "make sure that Canadians have the facts" about the Conservatives stimulus plan, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said in a press release.

However, if Canadians accidentally go to, a very easy mistake to make on the Internet, they will be greeted with a website featuring hard-core pornography.

In case anyone is thinking that devious political enemies may have created the site to embarrass the Liberals, the porn website's Google cache shows that it existed at least back to March 19.

The Liberals appear to be having some problems getting the hang of naming their properties. Last year, the Liberals were hit with a cease and desist letter over their "Green Shift" plan's name.

Jennifer Wright, owner of Green Shift Inc., an environmental company, accused the Liberals of infringing on the trademarked name of her company in July and said the Liberals diluted her company's name and cost her business.

It seems rather unlikely the owner of will do the same.

The Liberals' website is designed around the five tests set out in their amendment to the Conservatives recent budget.

In the press release, Liberal finance critic John McCallum said that the website will allow Canadians to share their economic stories and contribute their ideas.