Cleaning house is a huge chore for most people. But freshening up your home and getting it organized doesn't have to be difficult. Home and décor expert Karl Lohnes has sourced the market, to reveal some of the most stylish yet practical items that can get the job done.

Here are Karl's best picks of the season:

Chrome Towel Rack

The great thing about a polished chrome towel rack is that it keeps towels off the wall. It's a wonderful item for setting up a guest room or displaying blankets in the living room. It also gives any room a modern look. CB2, $90.

Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser

This air freshener discretely scents rooms and does so in an attractive package, which comes in white or a wooden look. The diffuser card does not dry up and will scent a large area up to 30 days. Fragrances are available in Pineapple and Mangosteen, Fuji Apple and Cardamom Spice, as well as Lavender and Juniper Berry. Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser, $9; refills, $6.50 each.

Birdie Foaming Pump

Designed to resemble a little bird, this lovely pump turns everyday soap into foaming fun. Mix 90 per cent water with 10 per cent liquid soap. The special pump turns it into a fun, clean foam. Available in three colours from UMBRA, $15.

VIPP Pedal Bin

Created in 1939 by Danish designer Holger Nielsen, this bin was originally designed to be a hands-free way to dispose of trash for his wife's hairdressing salon. This design is now in The Museum of Modern Art. Holds 15 litres, $325. Available at various Canadian retailers and at

Lotus Home Cleaning System

Made by a Canadian developer, this item reduces the need for toxic cleaners in the home. By placing the bottle or bowl on the outlet, the process super-oxygenates water by turning ordinary tap water into liquid ozone that is 53 percent stronger than bleach and more than 3000 times faster acting. This pick cleans bacteria. It also sanitizes and neutralizes pesticides, so it is safe for cleaning food. It's also won a Time magazine Top Inventions Award. Available at, $199.

ReJuvenescence Toilet Paper Roll Holders

This item fits discretely into any standard roll bathroom tissue. The rollers are filled with beads soaked in long-lasting essential oils, so you can add aroma to your bath or powder room without taking up shelf space. Available in Wild Orchid, Moonflower or Spice scents, $15 each online.

Laundry Hamper

This sleek hotel-chic hamper from CB2 is covered in a menswear grey felt fabric. This fashionable pick also comes with double-stitching detail and a snap-out drawstring bag liner. CB2 stores, $100.