Have you ever wondered what kind of pop the royal family drinks or what type of hand cream they use? Everyday products like these are supplied to the royal family and their households. Now Karl Lohnes reveals how Canada's common folk can live like the royals.

The key is to look for companies that have a royal warrant. This means that the company supplying their products or services to the royals and are in good standing for their quality and reliability.

Only three members of the royal family can grant a royal warrant. That includes the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales.

Today, there are approximately 800 companies holding royal warrants.  However, just because a company receives a royal warrent  doesn't mean the Queen and her family get products for free. It simply means that they are endorsed by the royal family.

Products with royal warrants that are available in Canada:

Chocolate: Cadbury Chocolate received its royal warrant in 1854 by Queen Victoria. Queen Elizabeth is known to favour dark chocolate. Rumour has it that each Christmas there is a hand-made batch of dark chocolate delivered by Cadbury to the palace. It's used for the holiday baking and enjoyed by the royals. Rubber Boots: Hunter Boots received its warrant from the queen in 1986. There was a special boot style supplied to the palace call the Balmoral. Hunter is on a trend upswing as a fashion item, but the royal family has worn them for years.

Umbrellas: The Fulton Umbrella Company received its royal warrant in the 1960's. The company is famous for its clear-domed, bird-cage style, which is often made to match the colour of the Queen's outfit. This style of umbrella is now available at Sears stores across Canada and sells for $35.

Silk fabric: The Gainsborough Silk Weaving Company is a fabric company that supplies silks to Buckingham Palace for draperies, bedding and pillows. The high-end fabric company received its royal warrant in 1980. Gainsborough Silk is available in Canada through designers and retailers carrying Bilbrough & Co Fabrics. The luxurious fabrics start at $440 per yard.

Toiletries: Yardley toiletries have been around since 1770 and have supplied to the Queen's household ever since. These products are available in Canada by Well.ca and delivery is free. Yardley toiletries range in price from $4 - $16.

Gin: Tanqueray Gin was granted the royal warrant by King George V in 1925. That added touch makes the green bottle extra special!

British-inspired products:

Union Jack rug:  Give some wow to a room with a sturdy Union Jack area rug. From The Rug Market, $349 (reg. $768). For more info visit Homesav.com.

Queen portraits: Take your favourite picture of the Queen and have her printed on canvas! A new technique is to print the image on birch wood. This gives portraits the look of being painted on wooden board. It's a popular way for poor artists to paint when they can't afford canvas and stretcher frames. For more information visit Posertjack.ca.