A good night's sleep means many things to many people. One of the most important, however, is controlling the light that filters into the bedroom.

Today, there are many decorative window shades on the market that can help control light. With so many options, choosing the perfect shades or blinds can be confusing.

There are three main points to keep in mind before you make your selection:

  • Function: Are you choosing this window treatment to filter out or keep out light?
  • Fashion: Are you choosing these blinds or shades to match the décor of your home?
  • Privacy: Are you only interested in filtering out light or do you want to make sure that people cannot see inside your home?

If you are ordering from a "big box" store, here's how to measure for your blinds:

  • First, decide if your blinds will be mounted outside the window frame or inside. Inside mounting tends to look more tailored.
  • For inside mounting: Measure the width and length in three different spots and take note of the shortest measurements. Do not subtract anything from your measurements.
  • For outside mounting: Measure outside to edge of window frames. Add three inches to each side and 1 1/2 inches above the upper frame.
  • Always do this twice to prevent any measurement surprises. Once blinds have been ordered with your measurements they are yours to keep.

Product info for today's blog:

1. Shades shown in bedroom makeover:

Duette Honeycomb Shades

  • Ultraglide lifting system (continuous cord)
  • Duolite application (with sheer fabric on top and opaque fabric on the bottom)
  • Top fabric: 1 1/4" Whisper Sheer, Colour: Gold Radiance, Code: D30-544
  • Bottom Fabric: 1 1/4" Architella Opalessence, Colour: Gold Leaf, Code: C44-468

2. Shades shown on today's in-studio display unit:

Top product: Designer Roller Shades

This product is a dual roller, which means that it has two blinds within the cassette. It's a great option for a more modern look and for condos.

  • Sheer top fabric: Haze, Colour: Shadow, Code: RLHZ811
  • Opaque back fabric: Cape Town, Colour: Shadow, Code: RLCAT811

3. Bottom product: Provence Woven Wood Shades

  • Collection: Mandalay, Colour: AMber , Code: WWMD377
  • This product has an opaque micropleat liner underneath for complete privacy and light control. This is a great option when layering traditional draperies or in a room that has a lot of wooden trims.

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