A popular fashion trend is being banned at one Halifax area school.

Students at Eastern Passage Education Centre are no longer allowed to wear yoga pants or leggings. However, several dozen teenage girls showed up for classes Monday wearing the pants in protest.

"That's pretty much the only thing I own," says Grade 7 student Cheyenne Smith. "I just bought a new wardrobe, I'm not gonna buy another."

On Friday, the junior high reviewed its existing dress code and decided to make the change. The school sent CTV News this statement:

"Tights which are being worn in an inappropriate manner are not acceptable for school. If students choose to wear tights, they should have a long shirt or sweater to cover the front and backside. Yoga pants can fall into a grey area, depending on the style and manner in which they are worn. The administration will use their discretion with these cases and have the conversation with the student."

The Halifax Regional School Board declined an interview, saying decisions on appropriate student clothing are made at the school level.

Today a notice outlining the details of the dress code will be delivered to parents.

Monday, more than 30 girls wore tights in spite of the rules.

"We've been wearing leggings the whole year, then all of a sudden we're not allowed to, and guys wear pants with their underwear hanging out," says Grade 9 student Darian Mansfield.

"It's not showing anything," says Grade 9 student Jessica Cole. "I'm wearing like, a longish sweater and it's not showing anything at all."

A show of support, but one the school says won't be tolerated at this school in the future.

The school also points out that part of a student's education is to prepare them for the workplace, which includes wearing clothes that are appropriate and don't distract from the learning process.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Jill Matthews