TORONTO - Acclaimed Canadian indie band Broken Social Scene is teaming up with director Bruce McDonald and screenwriter Don McKellar to produce a concert film that will include amateur footage shot by fans.

A publicist for the feature-length project, tentatively titled, "This Movie Is Broken," says the experimental film will be anchored by a love story written by McKellar.

Stephen Lan says the story follows a lovestruck boy who goes to a Broken Social Scene show with his romantic crush, but things don't turn out as he planned.

Shooting took place this past weekend when the band held a free show in Toronto.

Lan says concert footage was captured by several professional camera crews, but McDonald is also inviting fans through the film's website to upload footage "to create a portrait of a hot July day in Toronto."

In a video address on, he calls on fans to shoot "things that make Toronto special."

"Nothing is too small, nothing is too big," McDonald says, adding that fans shouldn't include footage of the band because he's taking care of that himself.

"Turn your cameras on the city, turn it on your friends. We like faces, we like kissing ... and any format -- Super 8, 16-millimetre, digital, cellphone footage."

Fan footage that makes the final cut will earn an on-screen credit and an invitation to a private screening, he says.

Producers add in a written message that "the important thing is to be interesting and be artistic."

"Experiment. Have fun. Our hope is that by integrating your footage with ours, we'll be able to create a visual mosaic that captures the city and the summer."

Although it is primarily a concert movie, Lan says the film will feature a strong narrative.

"It is a bit of a love story," Lan said Monday.

"You know, boy-meets-girl, they're friends, and things don't turn out as the boy had hoped at the gig and he finds solace through somebody else, somehow.... It's quite an unexpected twist."

A spokesman for Broken Social Scene's label, Arts and Crafts, said the film is not related to the recently-released book, "This Book is Broken," about the Toronto band's sprawling, influential history.

Stephen McGrath says the band is headed to Chicago in a few weeks to continue recording their next album. He says there's no word on when it might be ready for release.

"It's still really early in the recording process," said McGrath.