It's an age-old problem: you keep your butter nice and chilled in the refrigerator. But when it comes to spreading it on your toast you're left with a clumpy mess of hard dairy lumps and torn bread.

Luckily one enterprising start-up has come to the rescue with "The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp," a part-knife, part-grater that aims to smooth out the transition from fridge to toast.

The stainless steel accessory features a serrated edge on one side for cutting through the bread, while the other side of the blade is reserved for an in-built grater to "aerate and soften" the butter.

The brainchild of DM Initiatives, the knife is dishwasher safe and not as "aggressive" as a standard food grater.

The knife has already tripled its original funding target on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, with several days to go.

The price of a single knife comes in at $15 for delivery by Christmas, with customers pledging $60 able to get their hands on the very first trial production batch in September.