Just as snifter glasses are designed to enhance the brandy-drinking experience, Coca-Cola is trying to convince consumers that a specially designed glass can also enhance the flavours of their fizzy drink.

Developed in partnership with Riedel, the new glasses are inspired by the curves of the original Coca-Cola contoured bottle, and are said to capture “the distinct spices, aroma and taste of Coca-Cola.”

The stemless glasses are lead-free and made in Germany.

Along with wine, spirits and fizzy drinks, designers and scientists claim that hot beverages can also be enhanced with the right choice of vessel.

A team of tea lovers and ceramists in the U.K., for instance, developed a trio of tea cups specially designed to release the full flavor and aromas of green, black and fragrant varieties.

The green tea cup from 1660 London, for instance, is gently curved on the sides and its broad open lip designed to facilitate the smooth transition of tea from cup to palate and enhance the tea's umami flavors. 

The shape of the fragrance cup, meanwhile, is designed to retain heat while its tulip lip gently opens aromas of floral herbal teas like jasmine, Earl Grey and oolong.

And if you’re a hot chocolate aficionado, try sipping it back in an orange mug. Because when European scientists served hot chocolate in a variety of different colored plastic cups -- white, cream, red -- volunteers rated the same drink as tastier when the cup was orange. That study was published in the Journal of Sensory Studies.

A single Riedel + Coca-Cola glass retails for US$19.90.