This year's high-tech event CES has a strong focus on health and the increasing trend for fitness wearables.

We round up some of the most innovative new ways to track your health to be shown at the Las Vegas show this year.


Barefoot shoe company VIVOBAREFOOT have teamed up with wearable smart technology company Sensoria to debut the first internet-connected barefoot shoe at this year's CES event.

The VIVOBAREFOOT Smart Shoe features an ultra thin sole to allow the foot to move naturally, along with a layer of fabric thin pressure sensors from Sensoria which records this natural movement as you run.

The Sensoria Core hardware in the shoe then streams it to the Sensoria app on the user's mobile phone. Here users can view metrics such as speed, pace, cadence, foot landing technique, and asymmetry and toe engagement, which can be used to help monitor natural running technique and reduce the risk of injury.

Nokia Sleep

With sleep an essential part of any health and fitness regime, Nokia has unveiled Nokia Sleep, to analyze sleep patterns and help improve the quality of your shut-eye.

Nokia Sleep is a Wi-Fi enabled pad that fits under your mattress to track sleep and provide users with information on length of sleep and light, deep and rapid-eye-movement phases, and any interruptions during the night, with the product even able to track snoring. Users receive an individualized "Sleep Score" to show how restorative their sleep was and how it can be improved. Nokia Sleep also comes with smart home control via the IFTTT home automation platform, meaning users can automatically control some of the factors which affect sleep such as lights and room temperature.

Suunto Fitness 3

Suunto has added a new addition to its extensive range of fitness-tracking watches at this year's CES, launching the new Suunto 3 Fitness.

The new fitness watch automatically creates individual seven-day training plans using your fitness level and exercise history as a base, and automatically changes the program to suit your rhythm -- if you miss an exercise or do more than planned then the Suunto 3 Fitness will adapt accordingly.

The watch also provides real-time guidance during your workout so you are training at the right intensity, as well as tracking metrics such as heart rate, steps, calories, sleep, providing users with daily activity summaries in the new Suunto app.

Soul Electronics Earphones

Audio company SOUL Electronics has announced two new earphone launches at CES, enabling runners to monitor their form and boost performance with real-time coaching.

Thanks to sensors in the earphones, the Run Pro Free can measure a variety of metrics including speed, distance, cadence, step length, step width, vertical oscillation, head tilt angle, shock and more, sending data to the iOS or Android AI analyst app to track and analyze your runs, helping to improve performance over time.

The BLADE ear buds also measure and record running data, as well as heart rate and elevation, with both designs also equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and different ear tip sizes for a secure fit. They are sweat and water resistant to ensure they stay put during your workout.