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Sweden close to becoming first 'smoke free' country in Europe as daily use of cigarettes dwindles

Smoking will be banned in Sweden outdoor restaurants (Pexels/Basil MK) Smoking will be banned in Sweden outdoor restaurants (Pexels/Basil MK)

Summer is in the air, cigarette smoke is not, in Sweden's outdoor bars and restaurants.

Sweden, which has the lowest rate of smoking in the Europe Union is now close to declaring itself "smoke free" -- defined as having fewer than 5 per cent daily smokers in the population.

Some experts give credit to decades of anti-smoking campaigns and legislation, while others point to the prevalence of "snus," a smokeless tobacco product that is banned elsewhere in the EU but is marketed in Sweden as an alternative to cigarettes.

The 5 per cent milestone is now within reach.

Statistics from the Public Health Agency of Sweden show the daily smoking rate reached 5.6 per cent last year. Top Stories

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