Fitness equipment maker Technogym has announced a new intelligent treadmill for owners of Google Glass.

Showcasing at this week's CES trade show in Las Vegas, the treadmill offers Glass wearers hands-free control of their workout and allows them to view their running data right on the headset, rather than looking down at the machine's console.

Plus the Android-based system, called Unity, comes with an API that allows third party apps such as Withings, RunKeeper, and MapMyFitness to connect to the treadmill, so you can access data right on the device's tablet or via Google Glass. However, there is no word yet on pricing or availability.

Techogym's new device is just the latest in a recent crop of smart, tablet-equipped treadmills, with companies like iFit offering treadmill and ellipticals with built-in Android browsers that let you check email, watch YouTube, run virtual races, shop online, or even create a running route using Google Maps that simulates live road running.