A major supplier of over-the-counter cold and cough remedies is recalling 17 products because the child-resistant bottle caps can fail.

Novartis Consumer Health Canada Inc. is recalling a number of Buckley’s adult liquids, NeoCitran syrups, as well as Triaminic and Jack & Jill® brand syrups for children that were distributed across Canada.

It says the faulty caps could allow children to open the bottles and drink the products, which contain ingredients that can cause serious danger in youngsters.

Novartis is asking retailers to immediately stop sales of the medicines and return the products to them.

Health Canada says it has not received any reports of adverse reactions as a result of the defective caps, and Novartis Consumer Health says the recall is being held as a precaution. But Novartis Consumer Health in the United States has received reports of four adverse events for different products with similar packaging related to this issue.

Novartis is asking consumers to return the products to the company using a form on its website. It notes though that there is no danger from the actual medicine.

Consumers who have any concerns about the recalled products should speak to their doctors.

Novartis adds that the recall may lead to a temporary shortage of the products.

"We regret that the affected products may be unavailable for a period of time. We are working to remedy the situation and return products to shelves as quickly as possible," the company said in a statement.

Consumers with further questions can contact the Novartis Consumer Relationship Centre at 1-866-513-6742 (Monday-Saturday 8 a.m. – midnight ET) for more information.

The following products are included in the recall:

  • Jack & Jill Cough Syrup, 100 ml, DIN:00622036
  • Jack & Jill Children's Formula Cough Liquid, 100 ml, DIN:00823023
  • Jack & Jill Cough & Cold, 100 ml, DIN:02242588
  • Jack & Jill Bedtime, 100 ml, DIN:02241167
  • Jack & Jill Expectorant, 100 ml, DIN:02350084
  • Triaminic Cough and Cold, 100 ml, DIN:02243739
  • Triaminic Cold & Nightime Cough, 100 ml, DIN:00896179
  • Triaminic Cough, Cold & Fever, 100 ml, DIN:02239666
  • Triaminic Cough & Sore Throat, 100 ml, DIN:02130564
  • Triaminic Chest & Nasal Congestion, 100 ml, DIN:02278308
  • Triaminic Long Acting Cough, 100 ml, DIN:02277972
  • Neo Citran Extra Strength Nightime Total Cold and Flu, 245 ml, DIN:02275961
  • Neo Citran Extra Strength Daytime Total Cold and Flu, 245 ml, DIN:02275988
  • Neo Citran Extra Strength Chest Congestion, Cold and Mucous Relief, 245 ml, DIN:02304740
  • Buckley's Complete, 150 ml and 250 ml, DIN:02279703
  • Buckley's Complete with Mucous Relief Extra Strength, 150 ml and 250 ml, DIN:02357232
  • Buckley's Complete PM Nightime, 150 ml, DIN:02356457