A salmonella outbreak which has sickened more than 70 people across Canada is believed to be connected to frozen pastries.

Various chocolate eclairs and cream puffs have been recalled due to the outbreak, which has caused illnesses in people ranging in age from one to 88.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), there have been 27 reported illnesses in B.C., 13 in Ontario, 12 in Alberta, 10 in Manitoba, nine in Saskatchewan and two in Quebec, all between last November and this March.

Nineteen people have ended up in hospital. Two of those 19 later died, although it has not yet been determined if salmonella was definitely a factor in their deaths.

PHAC says many of the people who reported illnesses had consumed Celebrate-brand eclairs and profiteroles, which are sold in resealable plastic tubs.

They are advising that anybody who has purchased those productstonot consume them. Instead, the pastries should be thrown out and any container that was used to store them should be washed thoroughly. Anyone who touches one of the recalled products is advised to wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds after doing so.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a recall notice for several Celebrate products, including Mini Chocolate Eclairs (365-gram packages), Classic Profiteroles (325-gram packages) and Egg Nog Profiteroles (375-gram packages). Also recalled are five flavours of profiteroles sold in four-kilogram tubs. Full details are available on the CFIA’s website.

The recalled items were sold in all provinces where illnesses have been reported, as well as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia,

Salmonella infections can leave people with symptoms including fever, diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting. More serious infections may lead to severe illness and hospitalization.