Young Americans are taking more and more care when it comes to healthy aging, a new study has revealed.

Millennials between 18 and 36 years old are increasingly driving sales in health care categories, such as supplements, vitamins and preventive care, according to recent research from Nielsen and the Natural Marketing Institute.

Three-quarters of all American adults over 18 years old say they are taking more personal responsibility for their health today compared to 10 years ago, so as not to have to rely on others later in life.

Consumers of all ages are highly concerned with the integrity of their cognitive functioning, as emerging science shows that losing your mental faculties is not necessarily an inevitable consequence of age but could also depend on diet, daily activities, financial stress, social isolation and even anxiety.

Financial health is also important to all ages, and consumers who are on track with their financial plans for retirement are more likely to rate their physical health as very good to excellent, the report states.

However, Millennials are much more open to the idea of alternative medicine, with younger Millennials 40 percent more likely to use them than the general population, and older Millennials 32 percent more likely.

Millennials of all ages are more likely to use acupuncture, herbal remedies and massage therapy and less likely to use prescription drugs, compared with older generations, to maintain their health as they age.