A Canadian study has found that cuddling may be the way to achieve both a better sex life and a closer relationship.

Cuddling, caressing and kissing were found to lead to overall satisfaction with relationships, according to the research conducted by a University of Toronto fellow.

The paper, called "Post Sex Affectionate Exchanges Promote Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction," was based on two studies involving a total of 436 participants. Both studies looked at the duration and quality of time couples spent together after sex.

Lead author Amy Muise focused on the period after engaging in sexual activity as an "important time for bonding and intimacy."

Muise found that people who reported a longer duration of post-sex affection reported higher relationship satisfaction.

Higher rates of post-sex affection also seemed to translate into higher sexual satisfaction in general.

"On days when people reported feeling more satisfied with their post sex affection more than they typically did across the study, they were more satisfied with their sex lives," the study said.

The findings were consistent among men and women, meaning both genders seemed to benefit from the added intimacy.

The study is published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.