In response to long waiting lists and a lack of organ donors, one Canadian woman has taken to social media to find her 80-year-old dad a kidney.

Karen Malcolm-Pye and her family recorded a video plea, titled “All We Need Is One,” to launch their search for a live donor for her father Bruce Malcom.

“My dad Bruce is the love of my life,” she says in the emotional video. “But he needs a kidney and he needs one soon.”

Malcolm-Pye says it could take six years for her father to get the kidney he desperately needs. “(He) might not even make six years,” she says.

Though her father lived his whole life with just one kidney and remained healthy, in recent years his health has declined. Earlier this year, he started dialysis when his kidney function dropped to a dangerously low 6 per cent.

“That is when we realized the dire shortage of kidneys in Canada,” Malcolm-Pye told CTV’s Your Morning on Wednesday. “We knew we needed to take this into our own hands and find a live donor for my dad, because that’s really our only option.”

In response to their video and social media campaign, Malcolm-Pye says the family has heard from people around the country in similar situations. In 2016, 4,500 Canadians were on transplant wait lists and 260 died waiting.

“It’s helped to invigorate me to bring awareness,” she said on Your Morning. “We all have two kidneys. It takes one kidney to save a life. It could take one kidney to save my dad’s life. One kidney to save a little two-year-old girl in PEI. Or a little nine-year-old boy in B.C.”

Watch the full interview with CTV’s Your Morning above.