New Year's resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, but a recent trend could be just the thing to keep you disciplined this January -- and beyond.

The 'Give it 100' project, which challenges participants to learn a new trick in 100 days, has gone from strength to strength since launching in November 2013 and has already attracted 10,000 registered participants.

Users upload a series of 10-second video clips to the site to demonstrate their progress with their challenges, which have so far included everything from learning how to play the ukulele to mastering spoken Arabic -- with plenty of handstands, unicycles and Rubik's cubes in between.

One creative participant has even taken on the challenge of creating 100 websites in 100 days.

The project was started by Internet sensation Karen X. Cheng, the former Microsoft Manager whose online video documenting how she learned to dance in one year went viral last July. Its success inspired Cheng to set up 100, in collaboration with ex-Groupon and Exec employee Finbarr Taylor.

"We made 100 for you to capture the moment you start out, and every moment after that," says Cheng on the project's website.

"One day you may look back and cringe. But that will be the same moment you realize: Woah. I've come a long way."

She told Relaxnews: "It's been really rewarding to see people work hard toward their passions every day. There's something really powerful about dedicated practice, and seeing the results pay off."