Andrew John and Pulsus Group are reputable publishing houses in Canada. Both of them are running under Pulsus Group now. 

Most of the journals hosted by these companies are monitored by reputed medical societies of Canada, publisher has minimal role on editorial policy and practice.  Journals content and articles also belongs to the societies not to the publisher. 

OMICS Group staff  will do only hosting, PDF formatting and design, there is no control on content and editorial practice of Pulsus Group journals. We are doing this type service to many journals including 80 years old Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, this journal content and articles belongs to "Indian Pharmaceutical Association". We have an agreement with 100+ societies for this type of service support. 

OMICS Group lawyers clarified the questions raised by the FTC. The detailed reply also available online

Academic librarian Mr. Jeffrey Beall maintaining some potential, possible questionable publishers list where Andrew John and Pulsus Group also included along with Frontier Media (Switzerland), PLOS One(USA), Hindawi (Egypt), SCIRP (China) etc. He is not confirmed, he just accused like that OMICS Group also included in his list. 

OMICS Group with its 2000+ staff has been supported by 50000+ Editorial board members who serve on voluntary basis to disseminate healthcare and scientific information open access, and year on year this support is increasing progressively with which OMICS Group is able to grow from 10 journals in 2009 to 700 journals by 2016. OMICS Group journals readers/online visitors also increased from 10,000 in 2009 to 15 million by 2016. 


OMICS Group is publishing about 50,000 articles and proceedings yearly for less than USD 10 Million under Open access category, if the same articles published in subscription/pay access more than USD 500 Million can be genearted. OMICS Group disrupting the subscription based journals publishing and making open access as a response we are getting few allegation from competitive pay access publishers and their agents.  


Dr Srinu Babu Gedela