If you're in the mood to flirt, you're likely to get a better response on a sunny day versus a cloudy one, according to new French research.

Nicolas Guéguen, of the University of Southern Brittany, led a study in which a handsome 20-year-old male approached 500 women between 18 and 25 years old walking alone in the street and asked them for their phone numbers. The women were solicited on both sunny and cloudy (not rainy) days, when the temperature was about the same.

Women were more receptive to flirting when being approached, and were more willing to give out their phone numbers, on sunny days. More than 22 per cent of women did so when the sun was out, as opposed to just under 14 per cent on the cloudy days.

Past research has found that people are more likely to flirt and exchange phone numbers in the presence of pleasant smells, romantic music, or certain colors, noted the research team.

The findings were published in the most recent edition of the journal Social Influence.

Guéguen has also previously investigated how wearing red lipstick can increase a waitress's tips.