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Dispelling period myths means having more inclusive conversations: advocate

With stigma still pervasive, one period literacy advocate says dispelling myths and misconceptions about menstruation will come by opening more doors to communication.

"One of the myths I heard recently was that someone believed that people can bring on their period at will, which we cannot," naturopathic doctor Anne Hussain told CTV News Channel on Saturday.

"So we definitely need to have more conversations that include everybody, so that everyone can have a basic understanding of that."

Part of the issue, she says, is that a lot of stigma, taboo and secrecy still exist around reproductive health.

People continue to use euphemisms for periods or feel as if they have to hide their period products, Hussain says, which can be disempowering.

"Historically, people with periods have been excluded from so many parts of life and society, and unfortunately even though we've moved forward we still have many more strides to take in that direction," she said.

Learning the correct terminology and accessing proper sources rather than "Doctor Google" will also help as far as getting accurate information, she says.

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