TORONTO -- In a small community in southwestern Ontario, the thank-yous for front-line workers fighting the deadly coronavirus came in the form of horn honks from big farm tractors.

Video shared to Twitter by Andrew Buttigieg, the press secretary to Ontario’s environment minister, showed dozens of trucks and farming tractors driving in a convoy down the road in front of the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital in Elgin County, just south of London, Ont.

“Here’s something you won’t see everywhere. Basically the entire agricultural community in Elgin County came together to say THANK YOU to our front line health workers at @stegh_cares!” read the caption on the video tweeted Wednesday.

In the video, nurses and hospital staff are seen standing outside to watch the convoy driveby as farmers blared their horns and others standing nearby waved and cheered them on.

One local farmer who spoke to CTV News London said it was nice to see the agricultural community rally in this way.

“We’re all one community. And we all realize that we’re all in it together, except separately. We’ve got to keep our distance, but we’re very grateful for all the frontline workers, what they’re doing.”

As of April 9, Canada had 19,271 confirmed cases of COVID-19, while Ontario recorded 5,276 confirmed cases and 174 virus-related deaths. 

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