TORONTO -- An American billionaire has deleted his Instagram account after he drew the ire of countless social media users when he shared photos of how he was self-isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic aboard his superyacht in the Caribbean.

On Saturday, David Geffen shared images of his 138-metre-long luxury yacht, called the Rising Sun, as it cruised the tropical waters in the Grenadines.

“Sunset last night… isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus,” he wrote in one of the captions of the since-deleted post. “I’m hoping everybody is staying safe.”

In one of the photos, the 77-year-old media mogul shared what appeared to be his view from the sprawling deck of the private vessel.

According to Forbes, Geffen purchased the Rising Sun for US$590 million from fellow billionaire Larry Ellison. It’s the tenth-largest yacht in the world, according to the publication.

While Geffen, who co-created Geffen Records and DreamWorks, may have been trying to relate to his more than 84,000 Instagram followers during this time of uncertainty, it appears he may have missed the mark.

On Twitter, Meghan McCain, the well-known host of “The View” and daughter of deceased U.S. Sen. John McCain, voiced her outrage to Geffen’s photos with a scathing post of her own.

“David Geffen is worth 8 billion dollars!" she wrote. "For God’s sake help this country get ventilators, our health workers masks and the medical supplies they need! Or no, just stay on your f--king yacht Instagramming.

"This is just shameful and grotesque."

Other commenters appeared to be just as infuriated by Geffen’s posts with many taking to Twitter to mercilessly mock the billionaire and his version of self-isolation.



Even musician John Mayer got in on the fun by sharing a parody song he made about Geffen and his isolation on Instagram.

In the song, which was posted on Tuesday, Mayer pokes fun at the billionaire with the lyrics “Drone shot of my yacht, it’s all I got, I’m all alone on the water.”

“Let me flex these specs, 450 feet and six or seven decks. You can stretch your neck, to see all the stuff around me, I don’t give a heck.”