Dozens of bikini-clad women rallied in downtown Edmonton Wednesday afternoon in support of a mother of five who was openly taunted over her less-than-tight stomach and stretch marks.

Last week, Tanis Jex-Blake, 33, said she was at a local beach wearing a bikini when she overheard two men and one woman openly mocking her.

After the incident, Jex-Blake wrote a passionate post on Facebook, saying she was proud of her body. She also chastised her alleged bullies, who she said pointed, laughed and pretended to kick her as she attempted to sunbathe during her first visit to a beach in 13 years.

Jex-Blake’s post, which included a photo of her stomach while lounging at the beach, went viral, and received thousands of positive comments from around the world.

To show solidarity with Jex-Blake and to take a stand against so-called “mommy fat-shaming,” some of the women at Wednesday’s rally came dressed in two-piece swimsuits.

They also held signs that said “Wear your skin proud” and “Girls aren’t born hating their bodies. We teach them to.”

Jex-Blake attended the rally and was cheered on as she stripped down to her bikini. She said she appreciates the encouragement and hopes that a positive message about body image comes out of her bad experience.

“I don’t know any of these people,” Jex-Blake said. “But they’ve all come out to show their support, and they’re all rocking their bikinis. I love it.”