Here are some cool ideas to help you hack your way through your daily beauty routine.

Cloudy Apples

Cloudy Apples has a few fun fixes, including the idea of mixing shampoo and coconut oil for a simple and quick DIY hair mask that you can wash off in the shower. You can also use baby powder instead of dry shampoo when you run out.

Sharon Farrell

Sharon shows you how to mix up foundation and moisturizer for an easy DIY tinted moisturiser. Lipstick also makes great cream blush: just use the back of your hand as a palette and apply with a blusher brush as normal. Then if you've run out of eyebrow gel, spray hairspray directly onto a clean spooley brush and apply to brows for the same effect.

Danielle Groome

According to Danielle, normal toilet paper is cheaper and better than expensive blotting paper. If you're looking for a bit of extra shimmer, check your eyeshadow palette for a gold based pigment, and add a dab of metallic eyeshadow with your finger instead of a special product. Another of her tricks is Visine: just a couple of drops of the eye solution can turn a powder makeup into a liquid, meaning you can use a dark eyeshadow as a liquid liner.