Withings has unveiled a new "smart sleep" system called Aura that takes self-monitored sleep sensors to the next level.

The device features a padded sensor that slips under your mattress to record your body movement, heart rate, and breathing cycle -- the sensor is smart enough to record the data for two people sleeping in the same bed.

In addition, Aura comes with a bedside device that studies noise and light levels and room temperature, and it changes colors from blue to yellow to red during the course of the night, based on research findings that different light wavelengths affect hormone secretion. Users can analyze data and receive feedback on their slumber via the companion app.

Withings hopes to start shipping the Aura this spring at the price of $299.

Philips recently announced a similar product called Wake-up Light, priced at $99, that mimics the sun by turning from red to yellow over the course of one-half hour before sounding an alarm.

Also, Beddit's ultrathin, unobtrusive Bluetooth sensor sleep tracker slips under a bed sheet to track your sleep quality, heart rate, snoring and sleep stages, among other metrics. Best part, like the Aura, you won't need to wear a device while you sleep or tuck your mobile phone under your pillow as when using a sleep app.