The bone-chilling memories left behind by the "Polar Vortex" may be fading, but it seems that the effects of the infamous Arctic air mass are still lingering.

After last season's brutally cold and long winter in parts of Canada and the American Midwest, a "pollen vortex" is on its way, some experts say.

Now that spring-like days are finally in the forecast, pollinating trees will be busy playing catch-up, spewing out higher than average amounts of allergens into the air.

"We're going to get a huge blast of warm air and (the trees) are going to essentially create 40 times the amount of pollen in the air in a few days," microbiologist Jason Tetro told CTV's News Channel on Tuesday.

The result? A perfect storm of pollen in mere days.

Tetro warned allergy sufferers that the "nice, clear environment" will soon become a "fog of pollen."

To prepare for the approaching pollen bomb, Tetro recommends:

  1. Taking vitamin D: Tetro says the vitamin helps to balance out the immune system.
  2. Using anti-histamines, anti-inflammatory or steroid-based treatments.
  3. Trying natural treatments: Tetro recommends eating fermented foods, which will nourish the body with immune-balancing probiotics.
  4. Introducing small amounts of allergens into the body: Tetro says immunotherapy may help allergy sufferers tolerate the allergen.