Adidas's Climachill is set to take the niche industry of cooling apparel to a new level.

The line's creators used innovative fabric woven with titanium 3D aluminium cooling spheres to design the pieces. This is said to provide athletes with an instant chilling sensation so their performance doesn't suffer in warm conditions -- body temperature is lowered, allowing them to train harder and longer while remaining focused.

The cooling spheres are found on the back, arms and neck area, some of the body's warmest areas. In addition to cooling skin on contact, the apparel's micro fit fiber works as a "mesh," wicking sweat from skin. And the apparel's ground-breaking SubZero flat yarn contains titanium and is featured throughout the inside of each piece. Unlike traditional yarns, flat yarn has more surface area, allowing it to easily move heat away from the body.

Apparel was tested in the Adidas Clima chamber with temperatures reaching 122°F. A 95-degree hot plate was utilized to simulate functions of the human skin, allowing the brand to create an optimal body-chilling product.

Pieces include tank tops, shorts, and running, tennis and training t-shirts. Apparel retails for $40 to $60 each. Find options on and at select US stores.