TORONTO - Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and his family won't be moving to Dubai, despite media reports to the contrary, his wife told on Wednesday.

British and Australian media had recently reported that the bad boy chef and TV personality, known as much for his colourful language as his lineup of Michelin stars, is planning to leave London for Dubai.

"I did read that and I phoned Gordon and I asked, 'Are we moving to Dubai?'" recounted his down-to-earth wife Tana Ramsay, who is in Toronto on a promotional stop for her new cookbook Home Made.

"Where that came from, I don't know," she said.

It would be too difficult to uproot the family at this junction in their lives, said the hands-on mother of four, who is a trained Montessori teacher.

"Our eldest is just sitting exams for entry to secondary schools so there's no way we'd put her through that and then move," she said, noting that many of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants are located in London.

She added, "My work is in London, so we're not moving anywhere."

Her role as a domestic cook has also developed into a career, as the author of best-selling cookbooks aimed at helping time-pressed parents get food on the table.

Gordon and Tana Ramsay and their four children, Megan, Jack, Holly and Matilda, currently live in Wandsworth, south London.

The multi-Michelin starred chef's first restaurant outside the U.K. was Verre, the Hilton Dubai Creek's signature restaurant, he said recently in a statement.

"There is a real buzz about Dubai, and I am proud to be a part of it. In my mind, Dubai is one of the most vibrant cities around."

Ramsay's latest venture, Maze restaurant, is to open in Australia at Melbourne's Crown Casino in 2010.