Drivers around the GTA breathed a sigh of relief as gas prices fell to an average of 93 cents a litre on Wednesday.

Prices have dropped by 10 per cent over the past week and market analysts predict prices could fall further due to the slowing economy in the U.S.

According to, Toronto had some of the cheapest gas in the country on Wednesday.

Some of the highest prices were found in Whitehorse where prices were an average of $1.20 per litre.

Drivers are taking advantage of the falling prices by filling up, but not everyone is impressed.

"I think the gas prices have been so high that everyone has gotten used to the ridiculous prices. It's become the norm," one local resident told CTV News.

Environmentally-conscious residents say the falling prices are an unwelcome change.

"Our society would do better if gas prices were higher and more people were taking the TTC or walking," one GTA resident told CTV News on Wednesday.

Founder of the Gas Buddy website, Jason Toews, said drivers should take advantage of the price drop because high demand coupled with low supply mean prices are sure to be on the rise.

With a report from CTV's Roger Petersen