An Ontario fire chief is under investigation for a possible security breach during preparations for the upcoming G8 summit in Huntsville, Ont.

A news release from the Town of Huntsville indicates that Fire Chief Steve Hernen has "been temporarily re-assigned to administrative duties" while an investigation is completed.

Last Thursday, the town was "advised that a security breach may have occurred related to G8 preparations," according to the release. After an emergency meeting on Friday, the decision was made to re-assign Hernen. Volunteer firefighters were informed of the decision on Sunday.

The Globe and Mail reported in its Wednesday paper that Hernen is accused of lending his personal G8 security pass to his assistant fire chief.

In a brief telephone interview on Wednesday morning, Huntsville Mayor Claude Doughty told that the investigation will be handled by the town's chief administrative officer, Kelly Pender.

Doughty said he was unsure of how long the investigation would take "because we've never done one of these before."

He acknowledged that Huntsville already has a lot on its plate in the lead-up to the G8, in addition to the investigation into the purported security breach.

"We've got no extra time in our days with the G8 coming down on us," he said.

Hernen has served as chief of the Town of Huntsville Fire Department for more than 10 years.

While he is re-assigned, Hernen's duties will be covered by Assistant Chief Gary Monahan -- the same assistant who allegedly borrowed the re-assigned chief's pass, according to the Globe report.