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Canadian roads are poised to undergo a massive shift in the years to come, thanks to technological advances and an aging population. In this special series, takes a deeper look at the future of Canadian driving.

Eleven million, four hundred thousand.

That’s how many Canadians wake up each weekday, brush their teeth and hop into a vehicle to get to work.

That number accounts for nearly one-in-three Canadians, and it likely comes as little surprise to anyone who’s taken Toronto’s Don Valley Parkway, Montreal’s Autoroute Decarie or Vancouver’s Burrard Bridge on a Monday morning.

The Don Valley Parkway in rush hour (Matthew Talbot /

Driving is by far the most prevalent means of getting around our country, with 74 per cent of commuters driving to work, according to the 2011 National Household Survey. Drivers vastly outnumber the 11 per cent of commuters who rely on public transit.

Canadians relying on their cars is nothing new. But, thanks to changing demographics, technology and recent scientific advances, our roads could be poised to undergo a massive shift in the coming years.

In a special four-day series, takes a deeper look at the future of Canadian roads. We spoke with scientists, driving experts and stakeholders to answer pressing questions, including:

Why are senior drivers dying on the road more than any other age group?

• Will driverless cars revolutionize Canadian roads, or are they just a passing trend?

• What are the most common driving mistakes we make?

• Are high-end gadgets, such as rear-view cameras and blind-spot alerts, really making roads safer?

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