The strange tale of a Quebec man who tried to sell a snowbank on eBay took another turn Sunday, when a buyer came through with $3,550, matching the original winning bid that was withdrawn.

The seller, Michel Levesque, auctioned off the snow in his front yard to raise money for charity.

"I don't know who would want snow, but anyway it's for a good cause, so why not?" he told CTV Montreal in French.

Levesque, who lives in a town north of Montreal called Saint-Eustache, thought he had succeeded Saturday until the winning bidder reneged on the deal.

On Sunday, a family who had originally bid $3,000 decided to carry through with the purchase.

"We were surprised last night when we heard the news that the first person got out of the bid, so we ran for it," said Sophie Rouillier, who with her husband Claude Fraser now claims ownership over the heap of snow.

The couple went even further: they decided to add another $550, matching the first buyer's bid.

"We're adding the $550 with the kids," said Rouillier. "We talked with them, and they're going to take some money out of their piggy bank, and we're going to add the rest so we have the full amount."

Her husband joked: "It's a lot of money, yes -- Visa will have to wait now."

The family could end up raising even more money for charity. Their daughter, Audrey-Anne, has come up with the idea of re-selling parts of the snowbank for more donations.

Already, a family in Saint-Jerome has pledged to donate $100 for a bag of the same snow.

With a report by CTV Montreal's Derek Conlon