The Nova Scotia man police call "dangerous" is back in custody, two months after he escaped from officers in Halifax.

Jermaine Carvery, 30, was picked up Thursday night at a Niagara Falls hotel close to the Ontario-New York border and is facing charges in Toronto.

Carvery baffled authorities in April when he freed himself from double-locked leg shackles and bolted from two corrections officers in Nova Scotia as he arrived at a Queen Elizabeth Health Sciences Centre for day surgery.

At the time, police issued a nationwide manhunt.

"It was a concern to everyone when he was at large and now he's caught and everyone's really pleased that the jurisdictions worked together and got Mr. Carvery," Sherri Aikenhead of the Nova Scotia Justice Department told CTV Atlantic.

Police still don't know how Carvery managed to get out of the leg irons in the first place.

They say it's unlikely Carvery had anything on his person to assist his escape and video footage showed both the leg shackles and handcuffs being put on the prisoner before he was moved.

Toronto police weren't available for comment Sunday, but it was confirmed that Carvery was arrested on robbery charges.

Neither the Nova Scotia Justice Department nor the Halifax Regional Police could say whether Carvery will be turned over to authorities to face Nova Scotia charges, including hostage-taking and attempted murder.

"Our members were providing intelligence to Toronto in relation to where he may be in the effort to apprehend him," said Sgt. Don Fox of the Halifax police.

Carvery also attempted to escape from Ontario police custody in the 1990's, Aikenhead told CTV.

She says this fact wasn't on Carvery's file and his escape may have been prevented if transporting officers had known the prisoner's history.

"We have made internal changes based on this," Aikenhead said.

The Nova Scotia Justice Department says in upcoming days they'll be cooperating with Toronto police to determine whether Carvery will stay in Ontario or return to Nova Scotia.

Considered dangerous

Carvery is charged with a number of violent, high-profile robberies going back to 2004.

In one, masked thieves bound and gagged 42 Halifax Costco employees for more than two hours before escaping with a quantity of cigarettes estimated to be worth about $250,000.

Carvery is charged in three other thefts ranging from 2004 to 2006 that share some of the characteristics of the Costco robbery.

With reports from CTV Atlantic's Leah Whitehead, Rick Grant and files from The Canadian Press