CALGARY -- A Calgary couple who renovated their kitchen to match a cartoon one on "The Simpsons" has been saluted by the popular TV show.

Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton spent the past year turning their kitchen into a colourful match of Marge and Homer Simpson's, complete with purple and red cupboards, avocado green appliances and corn cob curtains above the sink.

They watched the Dec. 13 episode, as they do each Sunday, but missed the subtle name drop.

A few days ago, Andreychuk put the show on again.

As Homer and Bart are watching a hockey game on TV, a sports announcer can be heard referring to Andreychuk and Hamilton as players.

"I'm like, 'What?!' and nearly fell out of my chair," recalled Andreychuk.

She then went to wake up her husband, who has been a big fan of the show since he was a kid. He was thrilled, she said.

"Immortalized is far too strong a word but to be included in such a pop cultural icon television show that's been running for so long ... Joel loves the show and it's such a thrill for him especially.

"And I just love the kitchen."

News of the couple's kitchen project made headlines around the world earlier this year.

Andreychuk didn't want a cookie-cutter kitchen like everyone else and pitched the idea to her husband. He jumped on board.

They recently completed the project. And while Andreychuk said it's functional, some items in it are props. The teal blender on the counter doesn't work. And the orange slim-line telephone on the wall isn't connected.

But it's her happy place.

"You should see that thing in the morning when the sun's coming in," Andreychuk said. "If I got out of the wrong side of the bed, you just walk into that kitchen and you can't help but just take things a little less seriously and it puts a smile on your face."

Al Jean, executive producer of the long-running series, confirmed on Twitter that the hockey player reference in the episode was for the Calgary couple.

Andreychuk was quick to tweet a reply.

"Thx for the shout out! Next maybe cameo?"