Canadian Darcy Oake has Britain under his spell.

The 26-year-old magician from Winnipeg wowed audiences on Britain’s Got Talent over the weekend with an act that’s quickly gone viral. Oake’s performance has received over 2 million YouTube views in just two days.

In his magic act, Oake produced four doves and a white budgie using only matches, bits of cloth and some sleight of hand. He then puts the doves in a cage and transforms them into a woman.

The audience and the Britain’s Got Talent judges gave Oake a standing ovation after his performance.

Even former American Idol judge Simon Cowell had high praise for Oake.

“Without question, the best magician we’ve ever had on this show,” said Cowell.

When Oake -- the son of Hockey Night in Canada’s Scott Oake -- was asked why he became a magician, he responded with a joke.

“When I was a kid actually, I had hopes and dreams of becoming a doctor, but my parents insisted that I become a magician,” Oake said.