TORONTO -- After 37 years playing second fiddle, famous letter-turner Vanna White is temporarily hosting “Wheel of Fortune” as long-time host Pat Sajak recovers from emergency surgery.

Before the broadcast, White tweeted: “Tonight’s my first night of hosting Wheel! I’m excited and nervous! Stay tuned!”

The official Wheel of Fortune Twitter account tweeted a video snippet of Monday’s episode, which featured White walking out on set arm-in-arm with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Throughout the show, Minnie took up White’s duties and helped flip vowels and consonants at the puzzle board. Monday’s episode is the first of three weeks’ worth of shows with her at the helm.

The Disney character will appear at White’s side for the first two weeks, with special mystery guests showing up in the last week.

Sajak was sidelined last month after undergoing surgery to fix a blocked intestine, at which point White was reportedly asked to host.